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Got a few large local and Interstate moves within Australia - Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and looking for the best truck rental services? Your best option with the best trucks and largest fleet with cost effective prices, long term or short is CBD Movers; we have the highest quality vehicles to suit any budget with a hire plan tailored to suit your needs.  We'll help you move more for less.

We have the largest fleet of trucks available for hire that you can drive using a standard drivers license, so you know you are getting the maximum amount of space for moving as much as you can.

We offer great flexibility with our truck rentals, providing a range of benefits to help take the stress and hassle out of your next move.  We can provide one way hires allowing you to pick-up and drop-off at pre-arranged destinations of your choice.  Our vehicles can go interstate, for those longer trips and bigger moves.  We can also provide labour to help with your loading or unloading to make sure all the work doesn't rely solely on you.

If you are in need of a truck rental in Australia for moving around big large heavy items or just a lot of stuff, we've got the vehicles that can handle it quickly and safely. Our Company has over five years experience moving goods safely around the country, from small local deliveries to interstate treks.  We can provide you the best truck hire so you can quickly and efficiently handle your next deliveries.

Truck Hire On A Budget

CBD Rentals is your best option for finding a delivery truck hire that suits your budget, providing great flexibility and  options that can tailor your next hire to directly meet your needs.  Some of the benefits of choosing CBD Rentals

  1. A fee system that means you only pay for the time that you use
  2. Australia wide locations for picking-up and dropping-off
  3. Ability to provide additional labour for help share the work

Why Choose Go With CBD Rentals

Planning a big move, with lots of items or a heavy bulky load? You need a truck that is comfortable, easy to park and load, and is in great condition. CBD Rentals fleet of trucks are well maintained modern easy to handle vehicles that can make delivering goods of all sizes easy and more manageable. The benefit of choosing CBD Rentals that we offer;

  • The lowest hire prices around
  • Vehicles operable with a standard car license
  • Packages to suit your needs
  • No hidden extras to keep costs low

The Australia Wide Solution

We have the finest selection of trucks for hire, accessible from our many pick-up and drop-off locations across Australia, which allows for maximum flexibility with your next planned move.  Are you looking to go Interstate with your next move?  We allow one way hires that will take the stress out of having to return the vehicle to its original destination.

We have helped people moved items all over Australia from the classic Melbourne to Sydney trek, to longer more lengthy moves like Brisbane to Perth.  We've got the means to cover Australia, providing Australians a convenient option for moving themselves no matter where they are.

Our Amazing Trucks

Why use the Isuzu INR Pantech for your next truck rental? The main reasons that you want to consider delivering your items in our trucks are;

  • Secure payload
  • Tuck away ramp/lift
  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Steering
  • Three Passengers
  • Drive with a standard Car Licence

This reliable vehicle is fully secured and makes loading easier thanks to its powered tailgate. There are internal tie down rails to keep whatever you are moving secure, and you’ll have plenty of space available to you, as the Isuzu INR Pantech is the largest truck driveable on a standard car licence.

Easy Truck Rental With CBD Rentals

Let CBD Rentals help you with your next truck rental. The high quality service from our all Australian Team and quality vehicles will ensure that your specific needs are all taken care of as efficiently as possible. Call us today on 03 8518 3155, we've been helping people shift items around Australia.

CBD Rentals and the Isuzu INR Pantech truck is the finest option available as the easiest answer to your truck rental needs. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call. With our experience and desire to help, there is no move that we haven’t seen or been able to help provide a solution for. Let us help you with your needs today!